You Will Find Your People MP3 Download Audiobook by Lane Moore

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From Lane Moore, the critically acclaimed author of How to Be Alone, comes an intimate yet achingly funny guide on how to make meaningful friendships as an adult.

Like many people navigating adulthood, Lane Moore thought she would have friends by now.

Movies, books, and TV shows tell us we should’ve already found our people by the time we’re adults, or there must be something wrong with us. But where do you find these close friends once you’ve left high school or college? Is it even possible?

You Will Find Your People is the groundbreaking guide to making—and keeping—the friends we’ve all been desperately waiting for. In this unflinching, poignant follow-up to her book How to Be Alone, Moore shows us how to make real friends as an adult, cope with friend breakups, navigate
friendships with coworkers, roommates, and family members, and provides real tools on how to create healthy boundaries with friends to deepen your bonds. Through hilarious personal anecdotes and hard-won wisdom, Moore teaches us how to finally work through our fears and past hurts
to bravely cultivate and maintain the lifelong friendships we deserve.

The unabridged MP3 download audiobook is read by the author. Total playing time is approximately 5 hours and 48 minutes. Title distributed by SUCCESS via arrangement with RB Media. ©2023 Lane Moore ℗2023 Recorded Books

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