Developing & Maintaining the Right Attitude audio MP3 program by Zig Ziglar

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Get ready to be in the room to learn from the great Zig Ziglar as he shares his thoughts on developing and maintaining the right attitude. In this classic live recording, Zig covers:

   • Why your attitude makes the difference

   • What the right attitude enables you to do

   • The formula for keeping the right attitude

   • What the right attitude will and won’t let you do

   • Why attitude counts in every area of life

This unabridged MP3 download audio presentation of Developing & Maintaining the Right Attitude with Zig Ziglar consists of 6 individual MP3s delivered in a zipped file (71.3MB). Total playing time is approximately 1 hour and 6 minutes. Title distributed by SUCCESS via arrangement with Ziglar Inc. ©2006 Ziglar Training Systems

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