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Julien and Kiersten Saunders help you to understand the purpose of your income and how to reach your income goals.

Through the hundreds of conversations Julien and Kiersten have had about money over the years, they realized that so many people don't truly understand income and its purpose. Many think that income stops at a paycheck and feel they have to over-commit themselves to their career to increase their income or gain financial independence. But the truth is, before you can begin to earn more income you must have a purpose for it – what do you want your income to do for you?

Julien and Kiersten, along with SUCCESS, have developed this course to help you understand the purpose of your income and how to reach your goals when it comes to income. You'll learn to identify which stage you are at just now, discover different types of income and the ways you can earn income, as well as ways to narrow your focus on which types of income will be most appropriate for your circumstances. The exercises throughout the accompanying workbook are intended to help you solidify what you learn in each module. This course will help you take action when it comes to your income!

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