Success Magazine December 2012 - Katie Couric

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In her latest career tweak, Katie Couric hosts a talk show and busts through yet another comfort zone. In this month’s cover story, find out what keeps her going despite personal tragedy and professional criticism . . . and how she has channeled wisdom and wit into her new hit show.

The business world is full of wary handshakes and carefully worded contracts. In “Should You Trust That Man?” find out how to save time and money by reading the meaning behind subtle body language. Plus, check out the results of the SUCCESS national survey on what we lie about at work. It’ll make you laugh—and cringe.

In the 24/7 world of YouTube and Yelp, one business misstep can quickly play to millions of people. Learn the best tactics for restoring a tarnished reputation and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

As impressive as his stats were as a quarterback, NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino’s true legacy may be in his post-football career. Learn more about Marino the entrepreneur and autism activist.

Tory Johnson teaches you how to use Pinterest to promote your products and to put your audience’s comments to work as a focus group. Modern marketing guru Bob Serling discusses how you can streamline your path to success by observing and then adopting what works for other companies. Plus, launch a startup with no debt, learn to build ironclad customer loyalty, and much more!

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