Get Happy Now! by Joseph McClendon III

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Get Happy in 10 Minutes. Feel Happy in 10 Days. Be Happy for Life! How can increasing your happiness change everything about your life? Joseph McClendon, a global life transformation and practicing neuropsychologist, brings new tools and a fresh perspective to help you reach the next higher level of happiness. Joseph arms the reader with the tactics and techniques to think and grow rich, abundant, and happy relationships and businesses.

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Joseph McClendon

1 Review

Kristijan Apr 10th 2017

A fun way to change.

This is a must read book, it has a simple process setup up within the book that you do as you read it’s such an easy approach. It increases your happiness and wipes out negative un-resourceful states and replaces them with more powerful ones bringing out the better parts of you. My neighbors hear is this loud "MAGNIFICENT!" daily. Sure they think I'm crazy? You will have to read the book to find out. I also know you will get one for a partner or friends. I bought three more copies since because I know people who needed some more "happy and change" and I know the book is fun and works. I just sent it to them as a gift. p.s don't beat yourself up interrupting the one point was thinking of getting big blow up hammer?. It’s not funny....:) ok it is but still. Just get his book!!!!

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