Jim Rohn Book Bundle

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This is the essential Jim Rohn book package! Start your personal development library with this awesome bundle or pick it up as a welcomed gift for friends, family or business associates. Includes The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, The Seasons of Life, Twelve Pillars, Leading an Inspired Life (hardcover), The Jim Rohn Leadership Journal, The Treasury of Quotes (hardcover), Excerpts from The Treasury of Quotes (booklet) and The Complete Jim Rohn Guides (booklets).


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Jim Rohn

3 Reviews

Carl Andrews Jul 14th 2022

It will change your life

I have read and given these books to others over the years, I know from my own experience if you will read and apply the principles it will change your life.

Regan Jul 16th 2017

Great Content But...

I was super excited to receive this bundle after reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and hearing how influential Jim Rohn was for him. The price is phenomenal and would be hard to find a better deal anywhere else on the web. Unfortunately 16 days after ordering I still had not received my books. I hate to leave a 3 star review on a product that is more than likely 5 star quality.

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