Combo How to Use a Journal CD with Leadership Journal by Jim Rohn

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Keeping a journal is so important that Jim Rohn called it one of the three treasures to leave behind for the next generation. He claimed that journal writing is one of the greatest indications that you're a serious student. This special combo includes a Jim Rohn Leather Leadership Journal and the exceptional audio CD presentation, How to Use a Journal. Rohn examines the endless usage and methods for keeping a journal, including what kind of journal is best, what to write about and much more.

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Jim Rohn

1 Review

Melvin Dec 24th 2020

good advice, poor quality recording

The advice is priceless. 5 stars for content The journal is nice. 4 stars for the journal The cd is a copy from an old cassette tape. It would be nice if they could pay an intern to take out the annoying static noises and update the closing sales pitch with a current advertisement. 2 stars for quality. Overall, 3 stars.

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