SUCCESS Classic: Family & Relationships Collection

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This exceptional classic collection features a whole host of top authors, trainers and educators, whose programs help you to see the possibilities, believe in your potential and take positive steps to enrich your life.

The SUCCESS Classic: Family & Relationships collection features:
- Raising Confident Kids by Denis Waitley 
- Parenting Essentials: 10 Steps to More Confident Parenting by Dr. Lynne Kenney 
- Life Would Be Easy If It Weren’t for Other People by Connie Podesta 
- Beyond Mars and Venus by John Gray
- The Child Connection: Simple Parenting Solutions by Dr. Ann Corwin
- Life is Not a Stress Rehearsal by Loretta LaRoche
- Lasting Love by Gay and Katie Hendricks 
- This Ain’t Your Parents’ Marriage: Great Relationships Without the Compromise by Arleah and Morrie Shechtman
- Never Eat Alone: Seven Steps to Better Personal and Professional Relationships by Keith Ferrazzi 
- Making Marriage Work by Dr. John Gottman

You'll find mobile-friendly video seminars, audio for streaming or downloading, special guided self-discovery workbook pages and transcripts of each presentation. Watch or listen to each presentation in order or skip around to create your own classic seminar experience!

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